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Welcome to Sloform!
We are an internationally recognized company that deals almost exclusively with interior design projects.
We are looking for an architecture student and a wood economics student to provide regular assistance in certain phases of the project implementation.
We expect a dynamic person with English and or German proficiency who strives for exceptional experience and professional development.
We offer an attractive and dynamic working environment, adequate pay and the possibility of long-term employment
If you are interested, please send us your application with curriculum vitae to:
Sloform d.o.o.
Izlake 3
or by email:


Tim Tomažin
Boštjan Bedrač
Milan Kunavar
Project manager
Laura Mercina Rak
Architecture & Design
Grega Pikelj
Construction and Technology
Matej Burkeljc
Technical support
Mišo Subotić
Technical support
Urška Sodec Bedrač
Administration and Accountancy
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