About us

The planning and manufacturing of high quality furniture in Slovenia dates back to the beginnings of the 20th century. Large forest areas provided a healthy basis for the development of these eco-friendly activities. Valuable knowledge was passed on from best craftsmen to new generations who absorbed and enriched it.

Sloform with headquater in Slovenia and branch office in Germany is a global supplier of furnishings projects for hotels, residential and other facilities. Over more than two decades, we have gained the trust of many eminent clients around the world through our dedicated and professional work.

Clients are always placed at the center of attention. According to their wishes and needs, we provide optimal solutions. Interior design planning starts with initial ideas and continues with detailed production plans. With carefully chosen business partners, we provide a wide range of services and quality manufactured furniture and other equipment. We also provide high-quality and timely furniture and equipment installation services.


Tim Tomažin
Boštjan Bedrač
Milan Kunavar
Project manager
Laura Mercina Rak
Architecture & Design
Grega Pikelj
Construction and Technology
Matej Burkeljc
Technical support
Mišo Subotić
Technical support
Urška Sodec Bedrač
Administration and Accountancy
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